This great 5K course starts on the school field, proceeds to neighborhood paved paths, picturesque wooded paths that include two stepping-stone stream crossings, 1/2-mile of roads, a loop around the school lacrosse fields, and ends with a final lap around the track. This course is suitable for all skill levels, and includes course marshals, 1- and 2-mile splits, a water stop, and police assistance at road crossings.

  1. start on school field outside of football stadium
  2. cross field to paved path
  3. paved path to Tiller Dr.
  4. cross Tiller to Mist Haven Ct. (right on Tiller, immediate left on Mist Haven)
  5. pick up paved path in Mist Haven cul-de-sac
  6. paved path to Furrow Ave.
  7. right on Furrow Ave.
  8. left on pumping station access road
  9. right at pumping station, follow perimeter of pumping station fence on single-track path
  10. 1st stream crossing
  11. 1 mile marker
  12. 2nd stream crossing
  13. exit single-track path onto Carrie Way; left turn
  14. left on Furrow Ave.
  15. right on paved bike path (begin back-tracking)
  16. left on Mist Haven Court
  17. right on Tiller
  18. left on paved path returning to school grounds
  19. at top of hill, veer to the left, following perimeter of grounds
  20. climb hill to parking lot, turning left on sidewalk
  21. follow path to lacrosse fields
  22. clockwise around lacrosse fields, back to path
  23. return on path to parking lot
  24. straight across parking lot to the track entrance
  25. counter-clockwise lap on track, finishing in front of home stands


The 1-mile event starts with the 5K outside of the track and follows the last portion of the 5K course.
  1. start on school field outside of football stadium
  2. cross field
  3. cross paved path and tree line
  4. right turn behind tree line, following perimeter of school grounds
  5. follow the 5K course (#20-25 above)